Dominique Florence Bieger - Professional Mosaic Artist




I do not have roots. I do not have a harbor where I could lower my anchor.
I navigate, stopping a little here and there; immerging myself in places, calling them “home” for a while, listening to the stories from remote times.

This is how a locality turns into a jar for me, until it starts feeling too tight. I do not want to stay within limits, I do not want any barriers.

I embrace my dissemblance. However, I know this often leads to loneliness.
As a consequence, I sometimes attract opposites and combativeness; those people who want to keep me inside a box, saying “Follow the rules!”.

Sometimes, I am scared, sometimes I give in... But then I remember that it is only up to me whether I should stay or leave. I am the commander of my ship. I raise my anchor and sail to new horizons. I do not have roots.
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